The trend of using WhatsApp is increasing and many people are using it in their daily routine. A lot of people are downloading it to send and receive messages as well as media files. Use GBWhatsApp APK to send photos to your contacts and also get their photos. Several other features are also available like you can send contacts, videos, locations, stickers, and many more.

GB WhatsApp APK

On the other hand, check the last seen of your contacts and you will get blue ticks when your friends will see your message. Go to the statuses and watch the statuses of your contacts. But several options are not available and many users want to get these options. Users are unable to download statuses and they can not disable blue ticks. The demand for this kind of privacy is increasing and developers have decided to launch GBWhatsApp. Get all your desired options as well as features. All features are discussed in detail below and you must have a look at them.


GB WhatsApp is the new as well as latest addition in chatting where you can start sending messages to your friends and you can also send a lot of photos, videos, documents, locations, contacts, and many more. At the same time, many themes are also available to use. Get these themes to apply on your interface and you can change them all whenever you want. Send unlimited photos, videos, and audio files. Use this version to send unlimited photos and videos whenever you want. Moreover, download all statuses from your contact list and you can also upload them all on your wall.

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Size62 MB
Anti BanYes
Download1 Millions +
Root RequiredNo Root
Android Version4.3 or Above
Updated01 Day Ago

Why Download GB WhatsApp APK?

While several features are not available in the standard version many users are using other options for downloading statuses. At the same time, users can not disable blue ticks and they can not also remove their last seen. Two options are available to show your profile picture in the basic version. Show your profile picture to selected contacts using this version and you can easily hide your blue ticks and also can disable your last seen. Share photos and videos without any limit. Many other features are also available that you have to explore.

GB WhatsApp APK

Reason For Introducing GBWA

The standard version of WhatsApp is available with a simple theme. Developers have not changed the interface since it was launched. At the same time, privacy features are not available like you can send limited photos and videos. No one can remove their last seen and online option if they are using the standard version. A few stickers are available to use and only a single font style is available to use. Developers have introduced the GB WhatsApp Download for this reason and to overcome all the problems of users. Download this version on your device and start chatting with others in a new way. Share unlimited photos and big-sized videos easily. Download all statuses from your contacts and never let them know about it. Disabling read receipts can help you watch all statuses without letting your contact know about it.

Comparison B/W WhatsApp & GB WhatsApp

Disable Blue Ticks❌✅
Read Receipt❌✅
Share Unlimited Media❌✅
Save Status❌✅
Different Themes❌✅
Disable Online❌✅
Disable Last Seen❌✅
Multiple Conversation❌✅
Different Font Styles❌✅
Undo Deleted Messages❌✅
Save Deleted Messages❌✅
Auto Reply❌✅
Night Mode❌✅
Chat Protection❌✅

GB WhatsApp APK

Latest Features

GBWhatsApp Download Latest Version is introduced with a lot of features and no one can describe these features in a single line. Get all the detailed features below.

Collection of Emojis

A huge collection of emojis is available to use. Simple emojis are available in the standard version but you can use unlimited emojis using this version. Explore a huge collection and insert them all according to your conversation. Use unlimited emojis whenever you want and get them all without any restriction. The button for emojis is available on the keyboard and you can easily get them all in GB WhatsApp Apk Download.

Explore Themes

WhatsApp standard version is introduced with a single theme. Individuals are getting bored by using a single theme and they want something new on their interface. In this way, developers have also introduced more than 50 themes with different colors. These are very interesting and eye-catching. Explore them all and select your favorite one to apply on your home screen. Select another theme after using a single theme for a time.

Auto Reply

Select a paragraph to send replies to all your contacts who send you a message. This can help you to send a message to multiple contacts and this option is only available in GB WhatsApp. The standard version does not allow users to use this feature but you can now use it in this version. Moreover, see all messages later whenever you get free and send replies according to their message.

Reply From Notification Bar

See all messages on your notification bar and you can also send them replies. Send replies to multiple conversations easily and you can also send photos and other media files from this notification bar. Use the better option instead of opening the entire application. This can help you to do multiple tasks at a single time.

Share Media Files

The trend of sharing photos is increasing and many people share their photos with their contacts and loved ones. At the same time, many people are sharing videos with their friends. There is a restriction on size in sharing videos and you can not send a photo or videos above from the given size. No one can send more than 30 photos in this standard version. GB WhatsApp APK has made it easier for all users to send unlimited photos and other media files. Share these photos without any limit and you can send them whenever you want.

Share Documents and Locations

Send all kinds of documents with your contacts as well as with your groups. This simple option helps users to send all their work files to show their progress. At the same time, you can send unlimited files to other contacts as well as groups. Send these files with a single click and you can easily send your current and live locations to your friends.

Disable Last Seen

Disable your last seen in the GB WhatsApp Update. No one will be able to see your last seen and you can also customize it for your selected contacts. This feature is also available for online status as well. Show your last seen and online status to your selected contacts and you can also make it disabled for all contacts. On the other hand, you can also use this option for your status. Limited contacts will see your last seen, which can help you increase your privacy.

Protect Chats

Protect your chats with a password if you think your chat is insecure. Enable the password on your private chats and you can easily make them secure. This can help you to protect all your conversation and media files available in these chats. Protection is available for multiple chats and you can also protect your entire application with a password as well.

Dont Save Media In the Gallery

Use the best option where you can not save your media files to your gallery and all these files will be available in these chats. Find all your data and media files in your chats and this can help you to make your files secure as well as protected. No one will get access to these files and you easily get them back whenever you want.

Night Mode

Enable the night mode option to protect your eyes and you can easily make it secure. Enable this option at night and also disable it in the daytime. This feature available in GB WhatsApp Latest Version can help you to protect your eyes. At the same time, save your battery by using this option as well.

Read Deleted Messages

Get all deleted messages from your contacts and you will also get these messages in your groups. Suppose your friend deletes a message for everyone and it will remain save at your end. In this way, read all deleted messages even media files. Open your WhatsApp application and you will get these messages as well as media files quickly.

Broadcast To Groups

It is very difficult for users to create a broadcast list and you can add limited contacts to this list. Create your broadcast list in GB WhatsApp 2021 and add unlimited contacts to this list. At the same time, add your groups to this list and send messages to all contacts and groups as well. It has made it easier for all users to send a message with a single click instead of sending one by one.

Share Status with Limited Contacts

Share your status with the limited contacts if you are using GB WhatsApp Download 2020 or above on your device. This is the better way to share your photos on your status with limited contacts and others will be unable to see it. Make your thing private and confident.

See All Deleted Statuses

Get the chance to see all deleted statuses within the time of 24 hours. At the same time, you can watch all statuses that are deleted from your contacts and they will never know about it. But they will be removed automatically after 24 hours.

Secure To Use

Data and all chats are completely secure because all of them are encrypted. Get the notification in this app that all your chats are end-to-end encrypted. Never worry about your privacy and media files. No one can access these files even WhatsApp as well. Millions of people are using it and they have no complaints about their security.

Block Unwanted Calls

Many users get a lot of unwanted calls and they do not want to receive them at all. In this way, developers have introduced the option to block all calls and you will never get disturbed by these calls. In this way, get all their messages and you can also block all of these messages as well. Both options are available where you can block only calls and also can block messages.

Online Status

All chats are available on the interface and online contacts contain a sign on their chat window. This can help you to check the visibility of all your contacts and you will not need to open their chat to check their online status.

Whats New in GB WhatsApp APK

  • Undo all deleted messages.
  • Watch all deleted statuses.
  • Block annoying calls.
  • Send unlimited photos to your group and contacts.
  • Add groups to your broadcast list.
  • Audio & video calls.
  • Hide the camera from the home interface.
  • Create your avatar and post it as your profile picture.
  • Select text to translate them.
  • All fixes and improvements are done.

Requirements For Downloading

A few requirements are required to download it on your Android device. Android version 4.3 or above is required to download it and you must have enough space on your device that can run it easily. On the other hand, make sure to enable the Unknown Sources features from the settings of the device. This feature is very helpful for you to download all files from third-party sources.


Steps for Downloading

Follow the given steps to download GB WhatsApp Pro on your device easily.

  • Click on the download button above.
  • Go to the next download page.
  • Click on the download link.
  • Wait for downloading.
  • Never forget to turn on the option of Unknown Resources.
  • Go to the download folder of your device.
  • Press and hold on to this file and select Install.
  • Wait for installation.
  • Verify your contact number and start chatting.

Final Verdicts

GB WhatsApp Pro APK is the best option to choose and migrate your WhatsApp to a new way. Download it and explore several themes and all themes are very interesting. Hide your last seen, profile picture, online status, and many more. A lot of other features are also available like you can download all statuses from your contacts. Undo all deleted messages and also do different practices. Use it securely because your data and conversations are completely secure. Share it with all your contacts and help them towards a better experience. Never hesitate to contact us if you find any problem in downloading or face any other issues.


How to download and install GB WhatsApp Pro Latest Version for Android?

Get the latest version from this website and click on the download button above to get the latest version for your Android device.

How do I download GBWhatsApp Pro?

The latest as well as pro version is available and you can download it from this blog.

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is the new and modified version of WhatsApp. It contains a number of extra features as well as themes.

How to update GB WhatsApp?

We provide the latest version after the official update. You must visit again to download the latest version.

How to download GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a third-party application and it is not available on the google play store. Visit this blog to download it.

How do you unhide chats in GB WhatsApp?

Long on press on the hide chats and you will get the option to unhide. Click on this option to unhide your chat.

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